Registration and Dues
Form for registering with Troop 7 and paying dues, which also includes information update. This file also includes Adult Interest & Talent Survey Form. Updated for 2008
Registration/Dues Notice 2009
Troop 7 registration and dues for 2009-20010 Scouting year

Registration/Dues Notice 2008 (MS Word)
Troop 7 registration and dues for 2008-2009 Scouting year

Supplemental Registration Form
This form is now required with all BSA Application Forms for new scouts. This form provides Troop 7 leadership with membership information NOT requested on the BSA Form. Due to the fact that the standard BSA Application Form does not request information for the second parent or information regarding medical or dietary concerns, we are now using a Troop 7 Supplemental Registration Form to collect that information. We would like the BSA Application Form to be completed for one parent/guardian that the child lives with and the Troop 7 Supplemental Form to include information for the second parent. If there are more than two parents who wish to receive emails. Newsletters, etc. OR should be considered emergency contacts, you may print and complete additional Supplemental Registration Forms.

Adult Interest & Talent Survey
This form will help us to better know and match up our best resources(you) with roles that exist within Troop 7 for adult volunteers. All levels of involvement are available from chairing a one-time event to on-going adult leadership. See Form for details.

Dropped Scout Form
This form may be filled out by any troop adult that has reason to believe a scout is leaving Troop 7. This form allows Troop 7 adult leadership to record and follow-up on scouts that discontinue membership in the troop. It will enable us to accurately update membership records.

Dues notice 2007 (MS Word)
Troop 7 registration and dues for 2007-2008 Scouting year