Planning for Campouts
This topic contains information on camping - what to do when you first get to camp, what to wear on Winter campouts, and lots of other good stuff.
Philmont OCC Training Tracker 2006
This form allows adults to track their training progress in the months leading up to Philmont

Patrol Hike and Campout Planning Sheet
Another list to help plan the campout. Scouts are assigned duties and schedules are recorded here.

Patrol Menu Checklist
Patrols should use this checklist when planning the menu for a campout. This is usually done in the troop meetings preceding the campout.

8 Steps - Important things to do once in camp
This short list sets up the minimum set of activities that must be done once in camp to ensure the campout is a success

AMC Facts: Clothing, Gear and Weather in the Mountains
This guide from the AMC covers such important topics as proper clothing, how to recognize the symptoms of hypothermia, avoid it, and treat it if necessary. It discusses proper food and makes sure you know what to bring in your pack.